Rockyview General Hospital

Location: Calgary AB

Category: Healthcare

The new CT scanner was installed to replace an older unit. As part of the new work, a complete retrofit to the existing HVAC system was required to provide a better environment for the unit to work int. This included new DDC controls to monitor temperature and pressure as well as a new dedicated back-up air conditioning unit and humidification system to maintain the tighter environmental tolerances required.

For this project the existing disinfection cart washers were replaced with new state-of-the-art units. This involved a complete review of the air, steam and reverse osmosis systems serving the units and space. Upgrades to the R.O. system and rebalancing of the air systems to maintain the required pressurization were incorporated in to the new design.

The new gift shop at Rockyview General Hospital was a collaborative effort with the users to develop a unique space to provide a retail display space for their products to serve the staff, the public and the patients at the site. It was constructed as part of an overall redevelopment of this public space for the hospital.

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