Mission Flats

Location: Kelowna, BC

Category: Mixed-Use Residential

This Built Green "Gold" project consists of three 80-unit four storey residential buildings, two 20-unit three storey town home buildings, and a 1,200-sq. ft. amenity building. The equipment provided are high efficient heat recovery ventilators located within each residential unit, including 95% efficient boilers, 98% efficient domestic water heaters and high efficient ECM pump motors. Heating and cooling equipment was installed on each tenants’ meter in order to keep strata costs to a minimum. Complies with ASHRAE 90.1-2010. Is also being designed with a high-performance envelope to reduce the mechanical equipment requirements and long-term operational costs. It incorporates solar Photovaltaic panels over the roof to provide the electricity for the main building’s electricity requirements. Along with high efficient condensing domestic water heaters and low flow water fixtures to reduce the domestic cold and hot water consumption.

Owner: Highstreet Ventures

Architect: W.D. Fisher Architects

Budget: $60 Million

Scope: 280,000 sq. ft.