Facility Commissioning

Facility Commisioning

What is Facility Commissioning?

Facility Commissioning is the process of reviewing the proposed mechanical/electrical design to ensure the design meets the Owners intent and objectives. This includes following a quality oriented procedure for achieving, verifying and documenting that the performance of a buildings systems and components meet defined objectives and criteria. Through functional testing of mechanical, electrical and building management systems the commissioning process addresses any performance related problems and construction deficiencies. This intensive quality assurance process follows from design, to construction, to occupancy and finally to operation.


RSR Commissioning Services, a division of Reinbold Engineering, is dedicated to ensuring that all of the steps in the commissioning process are completed, the Owner and facility objectives are met and a functional building is the result. We commission Fundamental and Enhanced LEED® Certified facilities, LEED® shadow and various types of customized commissioning projects. Types of facilities include Health Care, Educational, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Institutional, Recreational Buildings, Industrial and multi-family residential types of buildings.

Successful commissioning is dependent on experienced and dedicated staff and we have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced staff members. Our team consists of Professional Engineers and Technicians, highly skilled in the areas of construction, administration, facility management, building management systems, and operations and maintenance. The team at RSR Commissioning is dedicated to ensuring your facility will run properly the first day of occupancy and through the expected life of the facility.

For more information or to contact RSR Commissioning Services, please visit http://commissioning.ca/