Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Reinbold Engineering strives to lessen the demands on systems, resources, and the environment by providing sustainable design options including LEED® qualified design and energy consulting services. Our efforts are focused on sustainability and environmentally healthy designs.

Our sustainable energy consulting services review the impact of building designs and operations on the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels. Identifying the most cost effective energy conservation measures and evaluating the feasibility of implementing each measure, we present our clients with recommendations and alternative options accordingly.

Leed Canada

Reinbold Engineering also provides LEED® qualified designs. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is a third-party certification program with global recognition for design, operation and construction of high performance, sustainable buildings. Our team implements LEED® certified designs and provides consultation services to ensure buildings are environmentally compatible, provide a healthy working environment and are profitable.

Sustainable Design Services

Our Sustainable Design Services include:



  • Heat and energy recovery system design

  • Lake Water cooling

  • Solar Heating

  • Geo-exchange / Geothermal

  • Cogeneration / Waste heat applications

  • Energy audits

  • Energy modeling (LEED® and NECB)

  • Feasibility studies

  • Measurement and verification

  • Design to meet LEED® requirements

  • Work with LEED® team (consult)

  • Evaluate and validate design decisions

  • Equipment and fixture selection

  • Focus on achieving LEED® credits while considering the budget

  • Provide proper documentation for LEED® submittal