Central Green

Location: Kelowna, BC

Category: Industrial

Central Green is a master planned community located in Kelowna, BC where all projects constructed must be LEED® Certified. The project consists of 87 residential units with a heated parkade. The mechanical equipment selected for this project was designed to reduce overall energy consumption. The equipment provided are high efficient heat recovery ventilators located within each residential unit, 95% efficient boilers, 98% efficient domestic water heaters, and high efficient ECM pump motors . Heating and cooling equipment was installed on each tenants meter in order to keep strata costs to a minimum. This project complies with ASHRAE 90.1-2010.

Owner: Mission Group Enterprises

Architect: Raymond Letkeman Architects Inc

Budget: $20 Million

Scope: 80,000 sq. ft.

Central Green 1
Central Green 2